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The Smith & Wesson Model 642 Centennial Airweight Stainless was introduced in 1990 as a round butt, fully concealed hammer, double action only, revolver built on a three screw alloy J frame. It came with a two or three inch stainless steel barrel and a five flute 1.53 inch 1 stainless steel cylinder chambered in .38 Smith & Wesson Special.2

  • production3
    • introduced – 1990
    • discontinued 3″ barrels – 1992
    • discontinued – 1993
    • reintroduced as 642-1 w/ J magnum frame – 1996
    • master trigger lock added – 1997
    • barrel markings move to left side – Aug 1997
    • 642-2 introduced w/ internal key lock system – 2002
    • two line address adopted – 2002
  • variants
    • LadySmith4
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  • gunsmith notes

Featured Image: The right side view of the S&W Performance Center Pro Series Model 642 Revolver.5

VP Series Pistols

The Heckler & Koch (HK) VP Series pistols are …

The pistols in the series are:

      • VP9
      • VP9 SK
      • VP40

gunsmithing note(s):

      • The dovetails on these guns are not directional. As such the sights may be removed or installed in either direction.
      • The roll pin on the right side of the slide (that lines up with the firing pin safety) is not blind. It is driven out into the striker channel to remove.



The Remington Model 550 rifle is a rimfire …


        • Remington Model 550-1
        • Remington Model 1A
        • Remington Model 550-2G ‘Gallery Special’
        • Remington Model 550-A

gunsmithing note(s):

      • If the sear spring case becomes cross-threaded due to improper disassembly and/or assembly, the threads are 3/8-32.1
      • . . .


      • The Remington Model 550 & variants appear on page 632-5 of the Encyclopedia of Modern Firearms. This includes references to the Remington Model 550-2G ‘Gallery Special’, sectional views of the Remington Model 550-1 with the action open and the action closed, sectional views of the Remington Model 550-A with the action open and the action closed, a sectional view of the Remington Model 550-2G with the action open, general disassembly instructions, some troubleshooting guidance, and a parts list.2


The Colt Woodsman semiautomatic pistol is …

gunsmithing note(s):




The Steyr-Solothurn MP34 (maschinenpistole 34 or machine pistol 34) is a submachine gun that was developed secretly by Rheinmetall during the manufacturing restrictions imposed on Germany by the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. This was accomplished by acquiring the Swiss concern Waffenfabrik Solothurn where the prototype was developed. Once the prototype was ready, Solothurn did not have the ability to mass produce it. Rheinmetall then acquired a controlling interest in the Austrian concern Waffenfabrik Steyr, where the gun was mass produced.1

During automatic fire, the MP34 will fire 600 rounds per minute. 2

This gun is known by some as the Rolls-Royce of submachine guns due to the quality of the build.3

gunsmithing note(s):

      • The safety locks the bolt forward.4
      • Push in the spring loaded bolt cap to open the top cover.5
      • This gun has a side mounted 32 round magazine.6
      • The magazine can be inserted into the magazine mount from the bottom to be able to load it with stripper clips.7
      • There is a bayonet lug on the right side of the weapon.8
      • This gun has a semiautomatic and automatic fire selector switch.9


The Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd. TAVOR SAR is a semi-automatic bullpup rifle available in a variety of calibers and configurations.

gunsmithing note(s):

      • The barrel lock pivot assembly can be removed from the body/receiver using the following steps:1
        1. The barrel will need to have already been removed.
        2. On the right side of the gun rotate the white line on the barrel lock pivot assembly to the twelve (12) o’clock position.
        3. Push the barrel lock pivot assembly through the body/receiver from right to left. If you meet resistance do not force it. Just jiggle the barrel lock pivot assembly by rotating it clockwise or counterclockwise slightly until the resistance is eliminated.NOTE: Once the barrel lock pivot assembly is out of the body/receiver you will see two pins that extend from the bottom of the assembly. In step one, we align the white line with the twelve o’clock position to align these pins with the cutout on the bottom of the barrel lock pivot assembly hole on the left side of the gun.
      • Do not lock or unlock the barrel lock pivot assembly while the cocking bar is installed in the gun. The barrel lock pivot assembly will crush the cocking bar and bend it requiring replacement. 2




The Winchester Model 74 is a rimfire rifle that is fed by a through the buttstock tubular magazine.

gunsmithing note(s):

      • The <em>Operating Slide<em> is a commonly broken part. No obsolete parts dealer that I know of has any.