National Shooting Sports Foundation Retail Education Seminar

Previously published on LinkedIn ⇒ by Patrick Heraghty.

When I was in gunsmithing school we were taught about the bound A&D book and other items associated with the ATF record-keeping requirements for owning a gunsmith shop. Later, when I opened Classic American Gunsmith my assigned ATF IOI (Industry Operations Investigator) sat down with me and the other key personnel and went through all of the record keeping that was expected of us.

Depending on your perspective, surprisingly / unsurprisingly a great deal of what our IOI told us did not mesh with what I was taught in gunsmithing school. Since the IOI that met with us will most likely be the guy who inspects us later we do it the way that he taught us.

With that said, I still think that it is always good to keep learning. So when I saw an opportunity to attend a National Shooting Sports Foundation ⇒ (NSSF) Retail Education Seminar ⇒ I signed up. I attended yesterday.

The course segments are taught by former ATF / LEO folks that specialize in the area that they are teaching. I went to the course with an open mind and really tried to listen to what was said.

I found that I already knew a great deal of what was being taught. However, when you think about it I should or I would not be very good at my job. That said, I still took a few items from the seminar that I brought back to the shop that will clean up my bound book / 4473s and hopefully make future ATF inspections run that much smoother.

I strongly recommend that everyone who works with ATF recordkeeping requirements take the time to attend one of these seminars in your area. If you attend with an open mind and take what you learn back to the shop your records will be better for it.