Shop Polices in the face of the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands, if not eventually millions of people. As we watch and read about the outbreak rolling across the globe and finally arriving here, we have learned that the virus is highly transmissible, and the chances of transmission increase as the number of people meeting in one place increases.

We would like to stay open and continue to provide services to our customers, but given the circumstances, we need to adapt. To reduce the impact of exposure to our family, our staff, and our customers; we have decided to implement the following until further notice: 

  1. We will not have walk in hours (typically Monday through Friday from 4:30 pm until 7 pm).
  2. We will be conducting normal business operations by appointment only. With only one appointment scheduled each hour.
  3. We are following recommended practices by maintaining an arm’s length distance and not shaking hands.

By eliminating our walk-in hours and setting up appointments for each customer, we aim to only have one person in the Shop at a time. We hope this will prevent groups of what have been up to 12 people from congregating in our small Shop.

To schedule an appointment, call or text 434-989-1263 or email

To assist us, we ask that customers do not visit the Shop if, in the past 14 days, you have traveled, visited a hospital, are sick, or have been exposed to someone who is ill. Please consider that picking up or dropping off your gun(s) is not worth the risk of putting yourself, or our family, or staff at risk. We will be here after the threat passes.

The COVID 19 news is continually evolving. Check back regularly for updates from the Shop. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.