Dear Valued Customer:

I take great pride and enjoyment in the gunsmithing work that I do day in and day out; however, it occasionally feels overwhelming. No matter how much work is accomplished, the guns keep coming – often at a rate faster than they can be completed. While that can be great for business, it can also result in long turnaround times and missed deadlines.

Effective 18 NOV 2022, the gunsmithing book is closed until I catch up. I do not know when exactly this will be.

I will continue to handle gun transfers (including private party transfers) via appointment, which will be scheduled in blocks to leave as much uninterrupted gunsmithing work as possible.

I will also keep helping with safety issues. If you have an unsafe condition (stuck live round, etc.) with a gun, contact us, and we will do what is necessary to bring the gun back to a safe condition.

I appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our valued customers.


Patrick Heraghty