RRPC Shooting Team

RRPC Shooting TeamI attended a recent Rivanna Rifle & Pistol Club (RRPC) membership meeting. During the meeting, Frank Moore, the Club’s longest continuous member (50+ years), presented the Club with this picture. It shows eight members of an RRPC Shooting Team (year unknown) with some of their trophies.

When they passed it around for the members to see it, I snapped a quick photo with my cell phone. I wanted to post it here in the hope that someone might see it and be able to identify some of the men in it (and possibly guess at the year). So if you have any relevant information be kind enough to share it with others in the comments section below (or on the RRPC forums ⇒ if you prefer).

If you click on the small image (in the text) it will give you a larger version of the picture.