DCOA with Ultrasonic Cleaner

most guns $80
extremely dirty add $20

We have heard this service called various different things – Detail Clean, Annual Inspection, Gunsmith Strip, etc.

Regardless what you call it, our Disassemble, Clean, Oil, Assemble (DCOA) service includes complete disassembly of the gun (if it comes apart and can be put back together again, we take it apart), ultrasonic and/or hand cleaning as needed of all appropriate parts, checking for wear and proper operation, application of a rust preventative, proper lubrication, and reassembly.

This service includes one magazine (if applicable to the gun being cleaned). Additional magazines can be added at $10 each.

This service includes up to two cycles of hand cleaning the bore of the gun. Our prescribed method of cleaning bores is as follows:

  1. Run a wet patch through the bore. The solvent used will be the one pertinent to the job at hand. We commonly use Butch’s Bore Shine, Shooter’s Choice MC#7 Firearms Bore Cleaner, Sweet’s 7.62 Solvent, Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner, and others.
  2. Wait a few minutes (no more than five).
  3. Run a brass core, phosphor bronze bristle cleaning brush through the bore for thirty strokes (down and back is one stroke).
  4. Run a wet patch through the bore.
  5. Run a dry patch through the bore.
  6. Run a dry patch through the bore. If the last dry patch is the same color coming out as it went in you are done. If not, return to step one and repeat all steps.

If more than two cycles of the above-described process are needed to clean the gun the additional work is invoiced at the hourly shop rate.

This service includes two cycles through the ultrasonic cleaner. If more than two cycles through the ultrasonic cleaner is required to clean the gun the ‘extremely dirty’ fee will be added.

Most gun manufacturers recommend that this service is performed on every gun annually.