Hot Salt Bluing

Prices are increasing 15 Apr 2019. Jobs in the Shop prior to the increase will have the original pricing honored.
New Prices will be published and take effect on 15 Apr 2019.

starts at $200

Our Hot Salt Bluing service includes disassembly of the gun, machine polishing of the appropriate gunmetal to a 400 grit finish, hot salt bluing of all appropriate gunmetal, curing of all appropriate gunmetal, reassembly of the gun, and proper lubrication of the gun.

If your project requires something specific just bring the gun by the shop and we will estimate what it will take.

Classic American Gunsmith will not intentionally remove the manufacturer’s markings from a gun.

Any gun that has to be cleaned before bluing will have the charge for a DCOA added to the invoice.

Classic American Gunsmith uses Brownells OXYNATE NO. 7 bluing salts(MIL-SPEC C13924BAM1, Class 1, Grade A) for hot salt bluing.

Nonsteel (aluminum, zinc, magnesium, plastic, etc.) gun parts will be Cerakoted graphite black unless otherwise instructed. There is an additional charge for Cerakoting parts.

Stainless steel gun parts will be Cerakoted clear gloss after being machine polished to 400 grit and burnished with a wire brush. There is an additional charge for Cerakoting parts.

Guns requiring more than 45 minutes of preparation will incur an additional charge.

Machine polishing to a grit higher than 400 grit is available for an additional charge.

Hand polishing is available for an additional charge.

Matte finish is available upon request.

Unless specified, prices are for labor and consumables only and do not include parts. Prices are guidelines and subject to change based on the specific requirements of a job.

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