Test Fire

$10 plus ammunition

For safety reasons, all jobs that involve action work must be checked for headspace and test fired before the gun is returned to the client.

Guns are test fired for function, not accuracy. No targets are used during test firing. A minimum number of shots will be fired (per barrel/chamber and/or action type (double-action/single-action)) unless more are needed to replicate a specific malfunction.

The cost of ammunition varies based on caliber/gauge. Its price varies from $0.50 to $3.00 per cartridge. Clients can avoid the ammunition charge by providing quality factory ammunition of their own.

Classic American Gunsmith does not sight in guns for its clients. Only the combination of a specific shooter, a specific ammunition, and a gun can be sighted in. Since the client is not the shooter during the ‘sighting in’ process, there is no guarantee that the gun will shoot the same way for the client.

While we don’t sight in, we will ‘put your gun on paper.’ This is billed at the Shop labor rate.