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The Gun Info section is provided to aid our clients in their gun / gun-related research/knowledge. It is a working set of documents. As such, it is added to and changed regularly.

The English translation of caveat lector is let the reader beware. The reader will take note of the fact that the author of this document is not a lawyer, judge, or legal scholar; is not an employee or official of any local, state or federal government agency; and, is not an acknowledged or recognized expert or authority on any subject. Additionally, the author is not, nor has ever been, an employee of a gun company The author has cited the sources used to obtain the information gathered here. The opinions stated here are just the opinions and hypotheses of someone seeking to learn. They may change with the collection of the next fact, and they may be partially or entirely incorrect.

The author leaves the responsibility for the validity of the information contained in this document to the reader. This document is a collection of the notes gathered and organized by the author as part of his second career. The author expressly instructs the reader, to confirm any information gained from this document. Thus, through their own research, the reader can draw personal conclusions and not rely on those stated or suggested by the author.

We welcome your input/questions/suggestions/etc. If you would like to offer input to this Gun Info section, email your sourced information to or bring it to the shop. All information provided must be verified before appearing here.