2018 Holiday Schedule

As we start thinking about the holidays, we thought that we would catch you up on things that will affect the Shop schedule for the rest of the year.

From 12-16 Nov 2018 and 19-20 Nov 2018 the gunsmith will be attending training. The shop will be open for transfer business and to pick up and drop off gunsmith work however the gunsmith will not be available.

The Shop will be closed 22-23 Nov 2018 to allow us to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends. No appointments will be accepted 22-25 Nov 2018.

The Shop will be closed 24 Dec 2018 through 1 Jan 2019 to allow us to celebrate the Christmas Holiday, our Tenth Wedding Anniversary, and the New Year’s Holiday with family and friends. No appointments will be accepted 24 Dec 2018 through 1 Jan 2019.

During periods we are closed, all incoming transfer guns will still be accepted and available for transfer on the next day we are open for business.

Independence Day Holiday

Classic American Gunsmith will be closed Wednesday-Friday, 4-6 Jul 2018. The shop will reopen Monday, 9 Jul 2018. We will receive incoming transfers during this period. They will be available for transfer on/after Monday, 9 Jul 2018.

We hope that everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day holiday. As you celebrate, please take a moment to remember and thank the men and women in uniform who sacrifice to maintain the independence this holiday celebrates.

IWI Tavor Armorer Course

Although I have been working on them for years, I finally signed up for an Israel Military Industries (IMI) Ltd. ⇒ Tavor Armorer’s course. This course will familiarize me with the basic maintenance, breakdown, and conversions for the Tavor SAR & the X95. Additionally, it will cover left-to-right & right-to-left conversions on both models as well as 9mm conversions on the SAR. They are even going to make me take a written test (wish me luck).

I do not expect anything presented in this course to be groundbreaking for me. I do hope that there will be some tips and tricks that will allow me to find more efficient methods for doing certain jobs associated with working on the many Tavor’s that come into the shop.

I will take the course in June 2018. I have made arrangements so that the shop will open normal hours while I am attending the course. I will post more on this once I return from training.

Normal Hours This Week

For some reason, I think I previously stated that the shop could be closed while I was out of town for training. As I will not be out of town, the shop will be on its normal schedule this week.

We will be open Monday through Friday 4:30 PM to 7 PM for walk-ins. Appointments are available at all other times (usually 9 AM to 9 PM) unless I am doing something that I cannot stop in the middle of (bluing, welding, etc.).

We hope to see you soon.

UPDATE: Cerakote Factory Certified Applicator Training

Classic American Gunsmith’s Gunsmith was originally scheduled to attend Cerakote Factory Certified Applicator Training 30 Apr -1 May 2018. Unfortunately, due to a family health issue, this had to be postponed until 15-16 Nov 2018.

In the meantime, Classic American Gunsmith is working with the fine folks at CoatingsUSA to offer Cerakote Factory Certified Application services to our clients. CoatingsUSA is a five-star customer choice applicator for Cerakote. They have a long-standing successful business producing high-quality work with a great track record for customer satisfaction. We can not think of a better company to partner with to provide Cerakote services to our clients.

Moving the jobs between our location in Charlottesville, VA and CoatingsUSA’s state of the art facility in Front Royal, VA requires some logistics and we are currently planning on a 3-4 week turn around time for Cerakote work.

CoatingsUSA can be found on the Cerakote website ⇒. Cerakote is still listing us on their website ⇒ as a ‘coming soon’ shop. We are looking forward to training later this year!

Stop by the shop to discuss your Crakote project!

UPDATE: This posting has been updated to reflect the most current information regarding our Cerakote Factory Certified Applicator Training.

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