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The Ruger 10/22 rifle is one of, if not the most popular autoloading rimfire rifle ever produced. The 10 is for the ten rounds in the magazine, and the 22 is for the cartridge the rifle is chambered in (.22 Long Rifle).

gunsmithing note(s):

      • The trigger/sear slave pin is 1/8″ diameter by 1/2″ long


The 10/22 Companion

Full disclosure: I am friends with the author of this book.

Bob Newton, a member of RRPC and a friend of mine, has written a book titled The 10/22 Companion: How to Operate, Troubleshoot, Maintain, and Improve Your Ruger 10/22.

I think that The 10/22 Companion is great resource for 10/22 enthusiasts at all levels. Its 62 pages and 101 photographs are filled with good, solid, experienced based information organized in clear easy to understand language. I recommend The 10/22 Companion for all people who are interested in learning more about or doing more with their Ruger 10/22 rifles.

I first encountered the document that grew into The 10/22 Companion when I, and others, assisted Bob give a Ruger 10/22 Rifle Maintenance & Customization Workshop at RRPC ⇒ earlier this year. It was shorter at that time, but even then it was a great information resource about the iconic rifles.

To learn more visit www.1022companion.com ⇒.