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Temporarily Not Accepting New Work

Our backlog of gunsmithing jobs is too long. To shorten it we are not accepting new gunsmithing work through 20 Jan 2019. We will begin accepting new gunsmithing jobs 21 Jan 2019. We know that this is an inconvenience and we apologize. However, catching up on current work will allow us to provide better customer service and faster turnaround times to everyone moving forward.

The Shop will continue to be open each weekday from 4:30 PM until 7 PM to conduct transfers, etc. Our holiday hours are posted on the website. We thank you for your understanding and your continued support.

Please note: Safety comes first! If you have an emergency (e.g. live round stuck in chamber), please contact us and we will do what we can to help.

Reminder: Gunsmith in Training

Just a quick reminder that Patrick Heraghty, our Gunsmith, will be out of the shop for the remainder of this week (13-17 Nov 2018). 

The shop will still be open for walk in hours 4:30 PM to 7 PM each weekday evening. You are welcome to come in and do paperwork for transfers, pick up finished gunsmithing jobs, and drop off new work.  Someone will also be meeting the shipping companies to accept incoming transfer shipments.

If you drop off new work, Patrick will call you once he is back and has the work in front of him to discuss it with you.

Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company

The Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company, or CSMC, is a gun manufacturing company that was started 1975 by Antony Galazan. It manufacturers A. H. Fox, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company Model 21, A. Galazan Over & Under, Galazan Side by Side, RBL Launch Edition, RBL 28 gauge, NRA RBL Signature Edition guns.

Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company
100 Burritt Street
New Britain, CT 06053
860-225-6581 (Office)
860-832-8707 (Fax)

x frame

The x-frame is the largest revolver frame that Smith & Wesson has released to date. It was released in 2003 with the introduction of the Smith & Wesson Model 500.1


Xenoy is a synthetic material (polybutylene terephthalate-polycarbonate) that Smith & Wesson used to make grips for their third generation semiautomatic pistols.1

crane cut

On a solid frame, hand ejecting revolver, the crane cut is the cutout in the frame that the crane rests in when the cylinder is in the closed position. The serial number and/or the model number is stamped in the crane cut.1

  • aka
    • yoke cut
  • term usage
    • Colt’s Manufacturing Company calls it a crane.2 3
    • Smith & Wesson (American Outdoor Brands Corporation) calls it a yoke.4 5
    • Taurus International Manufacturing calls it a yoke.6

Lee, James Parish

James Parish Lee designed portions of the Lee–Metford, and Lee–Enfield rifles that are partly named after him.

2018 Holiday Schedule

As we start thinking about the holidays, we thought that we would catch you up on things that will affect the Shop schedule for the rest of the year.

From 12-16 Nov 2018 and 19-20 Nov 2018 the gunsmith will be attending training. The shop will be open for transfer business and to pick up and drop off gunsmith work however the gunsmith will not be available.

The Shop will be closed 22-23 Nov 2018 to allow us to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends. No appointments will be accepted 22-25 Nov 2018.

The Shop will be closed 24 Dec 2018 through 1 Jan 2019 to allow us to celebrate the Christmas Holiday, our Tenth Wedding Anniversary, and the New Year’s Holiday with family and friends. No appointments will be accepted 24 Dec 2018 through 1 Jan 2019.

During periods we are closed, all incoming transfer guns will still be accepted and available for transfer on the next day we are open for business.