Standard Clean

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most guns $35

We strive to have all standard cleaning jobs ready for pick up the following business day by the drop off time. For example, drop your gun off at 2 PM today, you can pick it up anytime after 2 PM tomorrow.

Many modern gun manufacturers recommend that their guns should be field stripped and cleaned:

      • when brand new
      • at least once a month
      • after each time it is fired
      • as required

This is that cleaning.

The following looks at the reasons for cleaning in each of the cases stated above.

When Brand New

Most of us have heard some version of what happens when you ‘assume.’ Well, never assume that a gun (new or used) is ready to shoot until it has been checked out by someone who knows what they looking for. While it is true that some issues will not manifest until the gun is fired, most issues can be avoided beforehand. If you have questions about your new gun bring it by the shop. I am happy to discuss it with you.

At Least Once Per Month

You should be shooting your carry gun regularly. If you were shooting it regulary, you would also be cleaning it regularly (see next heading). However, life happens and like most humans when we get busy certain things just do not get done. When you carry your gun around with you everyday it gets dirty. Face it, you clean yourself all the time – right? Dust, dirt, sweat, etc. gets in all the nooks and cranies. The oil/grease solidfies a little. Cleaning it puts it back in top form and identifies possible prolems (worn springs, chipped extractor claws, etc.) in advance of that horrible moment we all hope never comes.

After Each Time it is Fired

When you fire a gun, the burning gasses leave carbon, unburnt powder, etc. all over the inside of the action, barrel, etc. It is just the nature of the beast. If you shoot it you should clean it.

There is a common misconseption that .22 caliber rimfire guns only need to be cleaned “evey 500-1000 rounds or so.” This is not true. ANSCH√úTZ, the manufacturer of some of the fineist .22 calibler guns in the world specificially states that thier guns should be cleaned each time they are used.

As Required

This is the catch all. If you are a Military Special Operator dragging your guns through all manner of mud, water, sand, snow, sleet, add infinate item … then ‘as required’ is going to come up a bit more that most. Fair enough, but if something happens – clean it. If it has been really hot and you are sweating through the IWB holster all over the gun – clean it. If you fell and it poped loose into a puddle – clean it (and look in to replacing/fixing your holster). If you get caught out in a rainstorm and the gun gets wet – clean it. And so on.

As we are closed on Sundays & Mondays, guns dropped off for standard cleaning on Saturdays will be ready for pick up when the shop opens Tuesday morning.

Unless specified, prices are for labor and consumables only and do not include parts. Prices are guidelines and subject to change based on the specific requirements of a job.

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