Disassembly, Clean, Oil, Assembly

Prices are increasing 15 Apr 2019. Jobs in the Shop prior to the increase will have the original pricing honored.
New Prices will be published and take effect on 15 Apr 2019.

most guns $50

We have heard this service called various different things – Detail Clean, Annual Inspection, Gunsmith Strip, etc.

Regardless what you call it, our Disassemble, Clean, Oil, Assemble (DCOA) service includes complete disassembly of the gun (if it comes apart and can be put back together again, we take it apart), ultrasonic and/or hand cleaning as needed of all appropriate parts, checking for wear and proper operation, application of a rust preventative, proper lubrication, and reassembly.

This service includes one magazine (if applicable to the gun being cleaned). Additional magazines can be added at $5 each. Five or more additional magazines (not counting the one included with the service) done at the same time as the DCOA get a 25% discount on the price of the magazines. All magazines must match the gun being cleaned to be eligible for the discount.

If desired/needed, a written report is provided. It details the condition of the gun and lists recommended and/or required services needed (if any).

Most gun manufacturers recommend that this service is performed on every gun annually.

Unless specified, prices are for labor and consumables only and do not include parts. Prices are guidelines and subject to change based on the specific requirements of a job.

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